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Canulars, being tired and travel lodge all suck.

The opp is tomorrow  I’m staying tin a travel lodge tonight. The wards look comfy (thanks to 13 years of labour tule methinks) and the nurses seem nice. The room i’m staying in tonight however smells of cheap perfume and doesn’t have enough pillows or tea. It’s also cold. … Continue reading

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fouteen minutes past midnight.

cant sleep. worried. tired. 

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Omigod I’m going to hospital tomorrow

I cannot believe that tomorrow I  will finally be going into hospital. Today I had to remove my files ext.  form my school bag and put my pyjamas into it. There was something incredibly final about all that. Yesterday was my last day in school, I felt incredibly loved, having been given 3 cards, … Continue reading

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How much shall I fuse my spine?

Today I had a phone consultation with my wonderful spinal surgeon Mr Vermah (probably completely F’d the spelling on that name ). He thinks that he only needs to fuse the top of my spine and the rest of it will follow. I will take his … Continue reading

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Prayers? For Me!

Thanks to my mothers wide ranging friendship circle i have a vast collection of religious people who will be praying for me whilst I am on the operating table. Despite being an atheist I am hugely greatful to all these people. The fact that … Continue reading

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Family and Scoliosis

It is possible that my mum suffers more from my scoliosis than I do. Todays he spent hours taking me to Ikea getting me a double bed for after my opp. She has been emotionally put through turmoil watching me go though the stuggles … Continue reading

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Useful Websight

If you have scoliosis check out this web-sight Just reading the questions on the homepage made me feel more normal. So many of them apply to me.

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