Today I had  my pre-opps. This essentially consists of spending 7 hours moving from clinic to clinic having all sorts of tests done at a pace that does not even allow a proper look at The Gardian.

I was photographed almost naked; this made me feel ever so slightly like a playboy bunny, which would have been fine had my mother not been in the room. At least the before and after will be available afterwards.

I met my physiotherapist who despite seaming like a wonderful human being in every aspect, was still unable to shake my persistant, nagging fear that I will unable to move normally after my spine has been fused. I did however enjoy the game on the lung capacity monitor, in which you had to blow bubbles into a drink, thank god I’m being treated at at a children’s hospital. I then moved into physiology which was, once again not made any easier by the wonderful demeanour of the physiologist. This procedure consisted of having electrodes glued onto my hair and feet and being asked to remain relaxed whilst my feet where jolted (slightly painfully) by a slightly scary looking machine (oh, the wonders of modern science).

In the lift down to my final appointment I had what can only be described as a nervous frigging mental break down. I will be eternally grateful to the wonderful words of comfort given by Caribbean man who came into the lift a floor below us.  It truly takes something to come into a lift with a close to tears stranger and be a help rather than an intruder. I have huge respect for that guy (and his awesome accent) whoever he is.

But the true object of  dread was the blood test which I had been panicking about the whole day. Thanks to the “magic cream” they gave me (I can’t remember the real name thanks to children’s hospital culture) and glamour magazine I couldn’t even feel the needle going in. To be honest I built it up more than it needed to be built up. But the fact remains I do not like needles. End of. This did however earn me a sticker declaring I had been a “brave girl” (children’s hospital culture) which I will post a picture of ASAP

All in all its been a hell of a day. Next time I go to hospital it will be the day before the opp. It feels so close now I just can’t wait for it to be over.


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One Response to Pre-Opps

  1. Caroline Brewer says:

    Hi darling – you may get this twice!
    I think your attitude is very mature especially the lovely way in which you are embracing everyone’s prayers and good wishes. As you know I am not religious in the conventional sense but I do think of prayers as a transmission of love which does have a positive energy – a kind of collective consciousness that weaves an invisible net of support.

    So may the force be with you. xx

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