Family and Scoliosis

It is possible that my mum suffers more from my scoliosis than I do. Todays he spent hours taking me to Ikea getting me a double bed for after my opp. She has been emotionally put through turmoil watching me go though the stuggles of scoliosis, gotten up in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep in a back brace (F.Y.I waste of time)  and spent too much money and time making me more comfortable. I know I could never get through this without her-despite the fact that she often gets the  brunt of my stress.

As for my siblings. I have recently become “the situation at home” in the form of letters to thier varios schools. The ten-year-old has managed to convince himself that he too has scoliosis, the seven year old has burst into tears wondering who who will look after her whilst my parents are up in MAnchester with me and the fourteen year old being forced to do school runs whilst I am in hospital. its difficult not to feel like the source of all angst in the family – and its about to get worse. Oh dear.


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2 Responses to Family and Scoliosis

  1. Nick says:

    Yes, your mum has been amazing. I’m sure the op will go well and don’t forget all your family will be there for you!

  2. Miranda Jones says:

    lovely Mummy but just because she loves you ❤

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